Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Late For Meeting Sheena...Again

Well, today I left later from work than I expected. I lost track of time from the new hire asking me questions about how to enter the information from rebates, looking at and responding to questions from customers, business partners, and fellow employees, and entering claims myself. Also, it's amazing how dense some people can be. I'm talking about some of the people at work. One in particular cannot understand simple instructions after being told like 50 million times what to do and how things work. So, I finally left work after dealing with all these issues that, ironically came about by the company laying me off and not having people capable of doing my job or the job of the other person laid off at the same time.
I am just about to get to Sheena's house and decided to call her to apologize for getting there late and she tells me to turn around. I wasn't mad at her, but a little frustrated that I wasted gas driving to her house and back past work to get to the church for institute.
Institute was good--better once Sheena was talking to me again. Sister Cormican (however you spell it) taught pretty well, except that she kept reiterating the difference between belief and faith when I felt it was quite clear.
Afterward we went to The Wave on Roswell Road which is about the best Hawaiian restaurant I've ever been to. OK, so I'm pretty sure it's the only Hawaiian restaurant I've eaten at, but the food there is really good. The Teriyaki Burger is so awesome. The ice cream and shaved ice are excellent as well. Oh, and when I got home I wrote a little 300 word essay due at midnight and posted to the threaded discussions. All right, well I'm falling asleep so that's all for now.

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