Wednesday, January 07, 2015

(Unsolicited) Fitness Idea for Nintendo (or anyone else)

Wow it is has been forever since I have written here. I could say I've been too busy to write, but well, you know how that goes.

In any case, I have an idea that I think could help with fitness in the home.

First, it would require designing a new treadmill. Now, I know what you're thinking: "But Sean! There are a million different treadmills already on the market!" To that I say: stop exaggerating! Also, you're right; there are quite a few different models of treadmills already out there. What I'm thinking of is a minimal treadmill that could easily be slid under a couch, loveseat, bed, or recliner. Heck, make it small enough to fit under an old CRT TV. It should be just big enough, once expanded, to accommodate an average to above average person walking. I envision it being maybe 3-4 inches thick, about 2 feet wide, and only as long as necessary for a long stride (3 feet?).

This could then be combined with something fed into a TV or even a portable device. Since you would be effectively staying still either should work. I would bet Nintendo or Sony could make this work with their portable and standard home consoles for fitness games. Heck, maybe even a company like Withings could get into something like this treadmill and leave it up to the user to watch or read something as they may.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Quantum Theory of Data Storage on Websites

First, I plan on updating this later to include links to relevant articles.

I have been noticing recently that many websites are increasing the storage they allow their customers/users to place on their sites (think Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). Some such as Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo Mail even allow unlimited storage. Recently, I have noticed that at least one service, Twitter while it only allows posts of 140 characters has made it difficult to find a history of previous posts (I don't like calling them tweets). I looked at the history that Twistory was able to access and for me it seemed to go back about three weeks. They say that they still have everything stored, but if it is not accessible then it is of no use.

On the other side, up until about two weeks ago if you posted pictures on Facebook it would be saved at a lower resolution. Now that Facebook has made it possible to download all of your data this is even more obvious.I sure hope nobody was relying on them to keep a high-quality copy of their pictures. At the same time Facebook makes it nearly impossible to remove material from the site. Once you have posted something it is as good as engraved in stone (see recent removal of clear chat history option).

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Monday, May 03, 2010

Apple: We Bought Lala So That We Could Dismantle It

Lala is a streaming music service that Apple bought about six months ago. They allowed people to listen to any song (they have a license for) one time for free. If they like it then they can pay 10 cents to listen to the song as much as they want. They could also pay 99 cents to purchase a download of the song or 89 cents if they already paid the 10 cents for streaming rights. I never used the service, but I know of a few people that have used it and loved it.
Last week Apple announce that they will be turning off Lala as of May 31st. This is disheartening news for many Lala customers--though unsurprising as it competes with Apple's iTunes Music Store which charges between 69 cents and $1.29 to purchase a download of a song (in AAC format). There are rumors that Apple will eventually turn it into a site for iTunes, perhaps using to allow people to preview and possible purchase music through their web browser instead of Apples iTunes software. This would be a welcome change. Though I would assume one would still need to use iTunes to sync their iPod/iPhone/iPad to get the content onto it. Or maybe they will make an app that allows you to stream music you've bought through iTunes similar to Real Networks' Rhapsody which has an app allowing playlists to be saved to the device and played while offline.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Thursday, December 11, 2008

How Dangerous of a Driver Are You?

How dangerous of a driver are you?

Created by The Car Connection

Stickers hold the world together; Glittery stickers make the world brighter

Google is giving away stickers related to Gmail including keyboard shortcut stickers and old school "This belongs to" stickers that include I want to get them, but I am probably not going to take the time to send a SASE to Google. If I do I'll let you know.

Official Gmail Blog: Get your Gmail stickers

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun With Physics and Music

A water and cornstarch mixture and music combine to form a disgusting yet entrancing combination:

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

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