Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tornado Experience

Well, there are tornado warnings in northwest Georgia right now. I just spent a few hours with Sheena and she's had a tornado experience today. On her way to her car after school she was called something fairly nast and was pretty shook up by it. After quite some time talking to her on the phone and then visiting with her at her house, she seemed to feel better. Then after that I go and say pretty much the stupidest thing I could possibly say. I don't know why I said it and I realized what I said right afterwards, but needless to say she was not pleased. She asked me to leave and after trying to cry/hold back tears I left. I hope I can make up for it soon. She should get a nice surprise sometime tomorrow. If not, I'll be very upset with a certain service. I just wanted to die after I said what I said. If there was anyting I could do over that would be at the top of the list ... by far. I've done many stupid things in my life but that would be the harshest, most memorable one for me. In any case I'm sorry and I hope that Sheena will somehow see it in her to forgive me, especially since our families will be having dinner together tonight.

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