Friday, August 25, 2006 Article on Disposal of Sony's Exploding Batteries

It seems Charlie Demerjian, taking after the National Enquirer, is sensationalizing what will happen when the recalled batteries are returned to their manufacturer. More than 5 million laptop batteries have been recalled by Dell and Apple, with the acknowledgement that Sony manufactured the batteries and will help in the recall effort.
While this may be worrisome given that they have been reported to explode, I do not think it is as big an issue as Charlies makes it out to be. He claims that the batteries will likely explode while in warehouses awaiting shipment to Sony or in Sony's possession awaiting disposal. In my opinion, unless the warehouses kept by the shippers (FedEx/UPS/DHL) are kept well above room temperature, the batteries are not likely to melt or explode. The idea that they will combust while in the relative coolness of a warehouse (compared to the scorching heat of a laptop computer) is laughable.
The one point that I do agree with Demerjian on is that Sony does have the responsibility to dispose/recycle the batteries properly. I would like to see them put to good use as other batteries (preferably less volatile batteries) or made into inert materials.

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