Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Freakin Weekend

Things for me are going all right. I had a not-so-great day in class on Saturday when I found out that one of my group members didn't do all his part for the group paper and presentation. Also, when I got home on Saturday I was on the phone and out of nowhere I feel this burning sensation on the side of my face, right where the phone is. I feel the side of my face and don't feel anything. Then I feel another burning sensation a little lower on my face and wipe at my face and realize that there was something on there. I drop the phone and as I get up I hear the thing flying away. I step out of the room and eventually come back into the room to try to find the bug. I finally find it to discover that it was a wasp.
Apparently, it stung me twice on my face without leaving me with his stinger. So, I go and use some Benadryl spray that I had, thanks to finding poison ivy near my house. Then I put an ice pack on my face and take some ibuprofen. Luckily, I'm not allergic at all to bee and wasp stings otherwise I'd have gone to the emergency room. After an hour the two sting areas didn't hurt at all. Now I'm working and studying for my two finals, one today and one tomorrow.

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