Monday, November 05, 2007

(2007-11-05) Gmail's IMAP server appears to be down [UPDATE: Back up]

As of 9:33 PM EST (GMT -5:00), the IMAP server appears to be unresponsive. I am using Thunderbird on Windows XP Pro. I am still able to access another IMAP server so Thunderbird is working. It just does not want to connect to Gmail after I left work and started up the computer (and Thunderbird) at home.

UPDATE: As of 10:15 PM EST Gmail's IMAP server is working again.


Anonymous said...

I am had the same issue - have tried from 3 different computers on different networks.

However, looks like it just came back online!

Unknown said...

I am still receiving an error that the connection failed. (Thunderbird/OSX)

I guess I will just try again in the morning.