Monday, May 03, 2010

Apple: We Bought Lala So That We Could Dismantle It

Lala is a streaming music service that Apple bought about six months ago. They allowed people to listen to any song (they have a license for) one time for free. If they like it then they can pay 10 cents to listen to the song as much as they want. They could also pay 99 cents to purchase a download of the song or 89 cents if they already paid the 10 cents for streaming rights. I never used the service, but I know of a few people that have used it and loved it.
Last week Apple announce that they will be turning off Lala as of May 31st. This is disheartening news for many Lala customers--though unsurprising as it competes with Apple's iTunes Music Store which charges between 69 cents and $1.29 to purchase a download of a song (in AAC format). There are rumors that Apple will eventually turn it into a site for iTunes, perhaps using to allow people to preview and possible purchase music through their web browser instead of Apples iTunes software. This would be a welcome change. Though I would assume one would still need to use iTunes to sync their iPod/iPhone/iPad to get the content onto it. Or maybe they will make an app that allows you to stream music you've bought through iTunes similar to Real Networks' Rhapsody which has an app allowing playlists to be saved to the device and played while offline.

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