Saturday, January 07, 2006

First Post

Well, I now have my very own blog thanks to blogger. I am not good at keeping a journal so maybe this will help. Last night I had a fun time making pizza and playing Scene It at my friend's house along with my girlfriend. The dance at the glenridge bldg was pretty lame though and both me and sb (my girlfriend, not strong bad) were tired. I just wish I'd taken some pictures of the pizza and people there.

Oh and by the way, I LOVE SHEENA BRUNNER!

In later posts I'll start publishing pictures. I have accounts with Snapfish and Flickr, so I could post links to my albums on there as well.

If you want a Gmail email account without giving them you mobile number you can send a request to me and I'll send you an invite.

Hope you enjoy my blog.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sheena Brunner? Wait! That's me! I love you too! (Now back to my regularly scheduled 3-page paper writing)