Monday, January 07, 2008

Feeling Blu Thanks to WB

The news has been flying around that Warner Brothers--the last neutral movie distributor--will start distributing the HD versions of their films in Blu-Ray only. Their contract with HD-DVD will end in May 2008 and after that they will be exclusive to Blu-Ray. This will effectively end the format war as they join Fox, Disney, Lionsgate, and of course Sony Pictures on the Blu-Ray side leaving only Paramount, Dreamworks Animation SKG, and NBC Universal on HD-DVD.
WB Home Entertainment President Kevin Tsujihara said, "A two-format landscape has led to consumer confusion and indifference toward high definition, which has kept the technology from reaching mass adoption and becoming the important revenue stream that it can be for the industry." I agree that the format war has kept many from jumping into the HD disc pool. If the studios hadn't taken sides and distributed in both formats they might have both succeeded, but with Sony having a stake in Blu-Ray they created a stalemate by only supporting Blu-Ray and not HD-DVD.
It's over. Now we can just count down to when the remaining HD-DVD supporters will switch to Blu-Ray (probably not until BD Profile 2.0) and someone makes a Blu-Ray add-on for the Xbox 360.

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